Effective Techniques You Can Use To Persuade Anyone To Do Exactly What You Want

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Let’s face it, persuasion is an essential component of our daily life, there is no escaping either being the one who is persuaded or the one who is persuading.

On that note, I have quite some constructive techniques up my sleeve that can help you persuade anyone you want, as long as it won’t be a source of harm to anyone. However, before we jump right into it, let’s have a quick go-through about what persuasion really is and some other interesting details you’re going to want to know!

What Really Is Persuasion?

By definition, persuasion is the process through which a message can induce changes in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. A common stereotype associated with persuasion is that it is inherently negative, as you may have guessed, far from reality. Persuasion is not always used for sinister or materialistic purposes; it is basically the main theme of a message that forces us to elicit judgments whether good or bad. To illustrate the concept even better, any new information that fits our definition of good and is well approved, we call ‘education’ or ‘learning’. On the other hand, what seems to threaten and propose a change in our pre-established beliefs and ideas, we brand by the name of ‘propaganda.

Henceforth, to put it in a single sentence, if a particular message summons favorable and positive thoughts it is successful in persuading us, but if a message inclines us to think of ‘the other side of the picture’ and gives heed to an instinct to argue, it will likely not have any persuading effects on us.

Having put that out there, let’s get down to discussing the part you’ve been waiting for!

What Are Some Techniques for Persuasion?

Here’s an elaborate list of ‘know how's that will surely help you get the way you want.

Foot In the Door

As the name metaphorically suggests, this technique follows the ‘ascending order approach’ when it comes to asking for favors, or convincing the other person, for that matter. Allow me to explain, before asking someone for a huge favor make sure you begin with a comparatively less challenging one. By doing this, you will have the other person committed to helping you and so, they are likely to consider the actual favor as only a counterpart of something they’ve already agreed to.

Don’t forget to ask politely though, that is sure to give you an extra edge!

Door In the Face

You may consider this course of action to be a reciprocal of the previous technique since it still does contain a ‘door’.

What you need to do is start with asking for a huge favor or act of goodwill that you are already certain will be refused, and that is where the magic happens! Now you ask them to do the actual task which will apparently seem like no big deal and the polite harmless request will justifiably be attended to. You’re welcome!


Psychologically, all of us feel inclined to return favors as an unspoken obligation, no matter how minor they may be. This is for the reason that the other person feels as though they are indebted to you till the favor is returned. Fortunately, this approach of human nature can be used in your favor to get exactly what you want to be done.

For example, if you ask your scientist friend to help you out with your chemistry homework, whom you helped with calculus earlier that week, the probability of you getting help is a solid 9/10. However, if you were the one asking for help in the first place, the situation could be opposite depending on factors such as your friend’s availability and willingness to help, etc.


Commonly, this is the most used technique to persuade another person. I am certain you will be able to recall a good number of times when you were persuaded to carry out a task or particularly, make a purchase because of scarcity.

According to human nature, we are prone to want a thing more if it is only available in a low supply. Bending this to your benefit, if you can convince the other person that what you have to offer is only available for a limited time period or is the last of what you are left with, they are very likely to want it twice as much.

In actual fact, in e-commerce as well as other real-life markets, scarcity is used to its best to make the most sales. Henceforth, the more you stress how limited the product is, the higher the conversion rate is.


This method is also known as flattery more commonly. Basically, it is a psychological technique in which one makes attempts to appear more likable to their potential target (who they are trying to persuade). It is a point of no surprise that we try our best to make time for people who we find likable, respectable, or look up to. Owing up to this reason, this plan of action imaginably won’t fail you. All you need to do is figure out how you could portray yourself as more approachable, affectionate, and friendly.

Some simple ways you can appear to be good-natured and amiable are.

1. Keep eye contact

2. Show enthusiasm in the topic of conversation

3. Smile more often

4. Compliment other people (and mean it!)

5. Copy their body posture in the middle of a conversation

6. Display a positive approach through your body language i.e., nodding

7. Ask interesting questions while engaging in a conversation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!



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