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Let’s face it, persuasion is an essential component of our daily life, there is no escaping either being the one who is persuaded or the one who is persuading.

On that note, I have quite some constructive techniques up my sleeve that can help you persuade anyone you want, as long as it won’t be a source of harm to anyone. However, before we jump right into it, let’s have a quick go-through about what persuasion really is and some other interesting details you’re going to want to know!

What Really Is Persuasion?

By definition, persuasion is the process through…

Humans are unbreakable

Humans are unbreakable

Humans are unbreakable

Humans are unbreakable

Humans are unbreakable

How many times do I say it over and over again for myself to believe? I think it’s the hypocrisy of my heart, a human heart, how it aches me to fix the world, to correct the errors, and to love the flaws of everyone else but myself.

Who am I? I don’t know.

I’m a million what if’s and bonker theories. I’m madness at its worst, I’m a praiser of the night sky, and I’m drunk — insanely drunk on the idea that I…

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You are probably reading this article out of sheer excitement right after your parents granted you permission to travel alone (in which case, I would like to congratulate you, I know how big of a milestone this seems to have been conquered). On the contrary, it may be that you are done with your preparations yet continue to feel like there’s something you might be forgetting which you fear you will only remember when you are halfway across the country. In either of these cases, need not worry, you have come to the right place.

On that note, let’s get…

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I’m in the middle of writing my story.

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